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Signs you Need a Virtual Assistant

In this day and age, everyone is struggling to manage their work-life balance.

Do you find yourself always working late and never catching up?

Constantly missing deadlines?

Never finishing meeting minutes in time for the next meeting?

Struggling to keep up with the constant changes and have no time to update your policies & procedures?

Or maybe you need help getting your personal affairs in order?

Then it's time you invest in a Virtual Assistant!

We have a wide range of package options available to suit your needs. 

Whether you require weekly or  monthly assistance we will be happy to assist you. 

What makes us different?

We treat your business like it is our own and we will help you succeed in everyway possible.

Even if you just need a chat about what to do next, we are here for that too we build strong relationships with all your clients.  

Our aim is to help you grow your business by saving time and money at the same time.

Should you have additional requirements please get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you.

Please note all monthly packages will require retainers.

Remember do what you do best and let Savvy DC do the rest.


Document Control

Document Control is a vital part of the construction industry ensuring all documentation is recorded and safely stored. Our service will help create, process and manage documentation within your organisation

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Taking away the daily stress from your organisation and dealing with your administrative tasks on your behalf, giving you the time back to focus and grow your business

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Web Design

We offer web design or web site support for existing websites.

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Social Media Management

To build a brand you must create meaningful social media engagement it’s not about the number of followers but about the content, trust and engagement.

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Investment Packages



  • 5 Hours of Support
  • Weekly / Monthly option available


  • 20 Hours of Support
  • Weekly / Monthly option available


  • 30 Hours of Support
  • Weekly / Monthly option available

Web Design

  • Starting from £550
  • Free Domain for 1 year

Social Media Management

  • Starting from £250 a month
  • Includes content creation and managing of social media platforms

Social Media Content Creation

  • Starting from £50 a month
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest

How it Works

1. Initial Consultation - Once you book a free consultation call we will have a chat about what you are struggling to manage and need assistance with personally or within your business and we will discuss how our services can help you.

2. Proposal - After we have had the consultation call we will put together a personalised proposal for you to review. 

3. On Boarding - Once you have agreed you are happy with the proposal we have set up for you, we will issue out our contract to you along with our terms and conditions including our data protection agreement. 

4. Working Together - Once we have finalised the contract and agreed on a start date we will start working together to improve your day to day and long term goals. 

About Me

About Me
Hello, I'm Michelle & I'm excited for us to start working together.

I am an experienced Tech-Savvy Virtual Assistant with vast extensive experience of working with Stakeholders, CEO's, and Directors within the High-End Retail and Construction Industries.

My aim is to help You, Individuals, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners focus on the main areas of your business and save money while implementing processes to make your work life hassle free.

I offer a variety of services, but please note these are not limited, should you need help with something not mentioned feel free to contact me to find out how I can be of assistance to you.



  • Surrey, UK
  •  07933 567076
  •  Monday to Friday 7am - 4pm Interested in our services? Fill in the below form with your contact details and let us know which service you are interested in and we will get back to you within 48 hours.


Do you only provide services within the United Kingdom?

No, one of the benefits about being a Virtual Assistant is that we can assist clients throughout the world. 

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a self employed professional who provides administrative support to organisations remotely from their home office.

How is your time manage?

All the work we do is tracked using an online time tracker which offers a breakdown of each task we do as well as the costs involved per task carried out.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, our plans are all inclusive with no additional costs. After all we are here to help you save money!

Do you have Insurance?

Yes, we have Professional Indemnity insurance with Hiscox.

What is the benefit of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

Hiring a VA is beneficial to your company as it allows you to save money, time and cut back on costs.

There is no long term commitment, no additional overhead costs and no unproductive time involved.

Additionally hiring a VA reduces overall operational costs as we have our own home office set up already.

I notice you post a lot of social media posts daily, how do you manage this and get work done?

We manage all our social media posts by scheduling them in advance using an online platform which allows you to post all your content on several platforms at once.

I love the layout of your site? Can you create a site for me?

Yes, contact us ​here​​​ for more information.

How can you assist with managing our supply chain?

We will work alongside your project managers and site team and assist in chasing drawings, issuing and closing out of RFI's as well as keeping all registers up to date so that all information is accurately recorded.

Unfortunately we have to go adjudication with one of our contractors. We require hard copies of documentation and individual folders are you able to assist us?

Yes certainly, we can arrange to have documentation printed and delivered to your offices and we will spend time at your offices sorting out the filing if required.

I need hard copy of drawings delivered to site, can you arrange that for me?

Yes, certainly. We will work alongside your chosen supplier and ensure you receive the drawings when you require it. If you do not have a supplier we can find one for you.

I'm not a company but would require some personal administrative assistance can you help?

Yes we can, contact us here to let us know what you require assistance with and we can work on an action plan together.

We have recently rebranded and have the horrible task of reformatting all our documentation. Is this something you can assist us with?

Yes certainly, we secretly enjoy this task.

How do I make a payment?

Payments can be made via electronic bank transfer or Transferwise we also offer and option for online payment via Stripe.

Please note payments via Stripe will have the following additional costs:

1.4% + 20p for European cards

2.9% + 20p for non-European cards

What are your payment terms?

Our standard payment terms are 7 days. Some clients prefer to pay retainers and we issue them with an advance invoice and weekly tracking data sheets.

Please note 50% retainer will be asked for any work requested on a monthly basis.

What are your payment terms?

Our standard payment terms are 7 days. Some clients prefer to pay retainers and we issue them with an advance invoice and weekly tracking data sheets.

Please note 50% retainer will be asked for any work requested on a monthly basis.

I love your Social Media content, can you assist me creating my content?

Certainly, we use Canva to create all our social media posts. Contact us here and let us know what help you require and we can work on spicing up your social media together.

I need help setting up my social media platforms, can you help?

Yes, we offer a social media package which includes set up, content creation and managing of your platforms.

Contact us ​here​​​ to find out more.

Are you GDPR complaint?

Yes we are 100 % GDPR complaint and we are registered with the ICO.

We also issue a Data Protection Policy alongside all our contracts.

How we we confidentially share information i.e passwords?

We have measures in place for this and use an online platform which allows you to share encrypted information with us. 

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